Cadets of the Air Training Corps wear the uniform of the Royal Air Force with additional insignia to mark them as Air Cadets.  Additionally the ATC has its own cap badge which is worn with the beret, rather than the RAF cap badge.  

The No2 blue uniform is provided on a loan basis with the exception of footwear.  Footwear is a private purchase item and should be of a similar design to the RAF "DMS" pattern shoe.  There are different styles for male and female wear.  RAF shoes are available from suppliers online.

No2 Dress can be worn in several ways, referred to as No2, No2A and No2C.  

  • No2 - Light blue shirt and tie worn with jersey

  • No2A - Light blue shirt and tie, no jersey

  • No2C - Dark blue shirt, worn always without tie.  Jersey may or may not be worn. 

Although the illustrations below all show the standard uniform beret being worn, different modes of headdress are allowed for religious purposes as per standard RAF regulations.  If you have any concerns around this area please contact us to discuss and we will find the way forward.

No3 "Combat" uniform may be provided on a loan basis subject to availability, however the RAF do not provide this.  Cadets do choose to purchase their own.  Note that both the new MTP and older CS95 DPM clothing is approved for No3 dress.  Again footwear for No3 dress, combat boots, are not provided.  For CS95 DPM clothing they must be black.  MTP can be worn with either black or brown boots.  

Squadron branded green T-shirts for wear with No3 dress and blue T-shirts for sports and Adventure Training are available for purchase from the Sqn Office.